Abdelaziz Haounati and the Snake Charmer

My paintings are inspired by different periods in my life. The strokes and images are like diary entries, witnesses of the events that shaped me
Born in a small village in southern Morocco, the sixth in a family of ten, Abdelaziz left home at just 15, to pursue his passion for art. Now living with his wife in the resort city of Agadir, Abdelaziz has developed a distinctive style that draws on his own experiences in life and blends Cubism with a vibrant palette of oil paints.


Jus d'Orange
 Using acrylic on canvas, Abdelaziz paints humorous and whimsical portraits of Moroccan characters. His subjects drink tea, smoke cigarettes and play music to charm snakes. Vibrant colours and unexpected twists and turns bring the scenes to life.


Me, My Father and His Wife

Incredible and distorted facial expressions combine with everyday scenes of the Djemma el Fna to fill each canvas with colour. The 20th century artistic movement of Cubism developed in an era of increased mechanisation. Abdelaziz’s characters, however exude warmth and humour, engaged in distinctly unmechanised activities – serving orange juice and pulling out teeth!


Institut d'Francais, Agadir
Abdelaziz’s artwork has been featured in exhibitions both in Morocco and overseas, including at the Whitney Centre for the Arts, Pittsfield, Cathedrale de Sacre Coeur, Casablanca and Institute Francais, Agadir.

Abdelaziz and I chose 3 of his striking prints to create into a set of large silk scarves – Snake Charmer, Tea Time and Cigarette. The scarves will be available to order via the Nahara shop.

Meanwhile, head over to the artist’s facebook page to see more of his art, and read more about the Djemma el Fna, the source of inspiration for many of Abdelaziz’s paintings.

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